A time to heal

So, this is belated and I really hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Let me tell you it is NOT at all easy to travel with food restrictions, let alone abiding the Auto Immune Protocol. We were in blessedly warm weather in Florida visiting Wade’s family for the big meal. I love to travel (and see family/friends), but I really feel the backlash of all the extra input. One of the worst things about my autoimmune disease is that I burn up way more energy than my body is creating. The term “fight or flight”… Well my body is constantly in fight mode so it’s like super alert high energy and then bam crash and burn within hours. This ebb and flow constantly is draining. Fortunately following AIP, rest, supplements, meditation, prayer, my husband and family have all been helpful to address this. Luckily, my husband is a hero! He is a sweet, dependable, strong and loving man who just totally blows me away. He is always looking out for me and always steps in and diligently perceives when I am battling my body and having low or lack of energy. Dealing with normal hormone fluctuations is tough enough, now the take that times 17.5 cause that’s the multiple to get to where I’m at from ‘normal’! One thing, even with doctor’s orders, I have had to learn is to let go of some ‘control’ and accept help when I need it. I love cooking for him and I love even more when we cook together, but it warms my too rapid heart-rate when he steps in and says ‘Babe I got this, go relax’. I used to fight it and it is still very hard not to, but doing that- for what? In a situation where we don’t have much control at all in the matter, this is his way of helping me heal and what I can control is accepting that. I acknowledge this loving gift and realize fighting it hurts him and me and my healing process. So he consistently chops sweet potatoes, makes batches of cauli-rice, helps keep the house operational, not to mention run a business, eagle eyeing to make sure there’s no cross contamination for me and shouting things like “Thyme and Garlic right?” Wow, just woah, I am so thankful for him. Thankful The Lord chose him for me. He is a rock through the exaggerating emotions and physical symptoms of autoimmunity.