First and foremost I hope you are well from the inside out! I care a lot about not only my own but others’ well being and photography is a large part of that. I enjoy seeking out the nurturing outdoor surroundings and applicatoins of beauty and healing in nature provided by our Creator and breathe, focus moments of photography I hope they effect you positively in the same way that they inspire thought, peace and wonder for me.

I am married to an incredible loving man and we live a rural life on a farm. I co-own and operate the farm and am also a photographer. We love working with each other every day and are very blessed we get to experience outdoor life in our daily work. We enjoy brainstorming innovative ideas for the farm, traveling together, with friends and with family, look forward to long runs on the slopes together and the occasional burst of adrenaline. We have a love for adventures together and enjoy exploring culture and new food, getting to know locals and learning cultural ways of life. We love our own community and feel community extends far beyond the next door neighbor because we’ve met so many wonderful people around the world that have become  a type of new ‘neighbor’!

Daily Lifeimg_2260_2contestwater


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