Remembered treasures

One of the most memorable traditions we started doing on my side of the family is going out to get ‘the tree’. We all hop in the car and head to a tree farm in central Minnesota. Running and laughing in the snow and through the fragrant pines is such a wistful nostalgia. In all competitiveness we each set out and try to find the best tree aka the one mom will like! We take turns inspecting and giving our constructive ahem opinions on each other’s newly found tree. Snowball fights erupt and it’s like the guys are literally camouflaging themselves in the trees ready for a takedown. After all possible nominations are observed we look to mom to make the final call. We make sure to get a family photo in there somewhere and dad whips out the saw and hands it off first to the youngest up to the oldest to take a turn sawing it down. The tree goes through a shaking process to get rid of loose and dead needles and then tied up to throw in the back or on top of the vehicle. It’s brought in the house and set up on the stand, and we watch this massive tree begin to unfurl. It’s positioned just right and trimmed if needed and we all step back to gauge just how big and how much space it actually takes up. My husband and I take turns celebrating Christmas with his family and with my family, but every year we do this together. I love that even when we may not be with them on Christmas Day, there is this symbolic presence of our family together. Sometimes Wade and I take our own tree home, but with our busy season this year and not hardly being home, we wouldn’t have been able to care for or even enjoy our own tree. Besides the old-timey Christmas music playing constantly (Sinatra, Guaraldi Trio) and present wrapping there isn’t much proof of Christmas around the corner at home. I don’t have much seasonal decor to begin with besides a few things I have made, and since we didn’t have our own tree to decorate I didn’t bother grabbing the measly box for that out of storage. I did happen to buy some new ornaments on sale for next year and that came in handy. I used an old table runner to makeshift some bows. I also took some clippings from our annual tree chopping to use at home somehow. So even though I don’t have my own tree and I don’t have the means to deck my halls, it amazes me all it takes is a just glance or a breath of the little fir needles and I have this amazing and joyful sensory journey back to all of what transpired with my family the day we found the tree.

Remember and celebrate our Savior being born, enjoy good times with loved ones!
Merry Christmas







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